Ash Wednesday

Ashes have been used as a symbol for repentance long before the church adopted the practice to start Lent and long before Christ spent forty years in the dessert.   Prophets, kings, and indeed whole communities use the symbol in the Old Testament to denote sorrow and supplication for forgiveness.   In Christianity, the practice... Continue Reading →

Epiphany 3

The call. Being called to something. God’s call on our life. Answering the call. Christianity, more than other religions and philosophies, has this language of call.   In the Old Testament there are call stories, occasions when people are roused from bed or called off of their current life trajectory by the sound of a... Continue Reading →

Feast of Stephen

Good King Wenselus looked out, on the Feast of Stephen. That was the first I had ever heard of this day. “What’s that,” I asked my mother. “It’s the day after Christmas,” she said. After doing some research, I discovered who St. Stephen was, the first martyr of the church. What a dreadful thing, I... Continue Reading →

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